If you want to make money on your new or gently-used brand name clothing items, but don't feel like spending the time and energy planning a yard sale or listing online— pull everything together and bring it to us! We'll take care of pricing, advertising, displaying, and selling your designer bags, clothes, and all other extra fashion items or gear. The best part? You'll make more money consigning than you would at a yard sale! Plus it requires little work and no stress.


 For new consignors

All new consignors must first call or email us to make an appointment. Appointments can be made Tuesday through Thursday from 11-6pm. Simply bring in your items at the time of your appointment and a member of our buying staff will let you know which items will be accepted. At that time, you will need to fill out our consignment contract. A member of our buying staff will then email you with an inventory pricing list within 48 hours. Items will be placed on the sales floor pending your approval. To start a new account, we must accept at least 5 items. FOXIES accepts clothing, shoes, handbags, art, home decor and accessories that are clean and in excellent condition. We also look for vintage 80s & 90s items that are authentic name brands. Please keep in mind that we may only accept a small fraction of what you bring in for consideration. 

Consignment Split

Consignors receive 45% of the final selling price of each item. For handbags and jewelry priced between $1000-$2499, you will receive 50% of the selling price. For handbags and jewelry priced for $2500 and above, you will receive 60% of the selling price. We keep your items for 90 days with a 25% markdown after the first month and a 50% markdown in the final month. After 90 days, consignors will be emailed and asked to pick up any remaining merchandise.  In some cases, items may be pulled and returned to you before the 90 day period.  Any items left after 2 weeks become the property of Foxies and may be donated to safe place. Check payments will be mailed on a monthly basis for items sold during the previous month. Consignors may accumulate credit for items sold which may be used towards purchases at Foxies. 

For existing consignors:

We accepts consignment drop offs everyday Monday through Friday from 12-6pm. No drop-offs on weekends please!


To help you get a better idea of what we are looking for, here is a list of some of the labels we accept:

 A Piece Apart - Balenciaga - Bottega Veneta - Burberry  - Chanel - Chloe - Christian Dior - Christian Louboutin - Co Derek Lam - Dolce & Gabbana - Fendi - Givenchy - Gucci - Halston - Helmut Lang - Hermés - Jimmy Choo -Lanvin - Louis Vuitton - Manolo Blahnik - Missoni - Miu Miu - Oscar De La Renta - Prada - Pucci - Rag & Bone - Ralph Lauren Collection - Saint Laurent - Stella McCartney - Theory - Tome - Tom Ford - Tory Burch - Valentino -Michael Kors - Coach - Vera Bradley - Kate Spade - Dooney and Burke

House Calls

Are you overwhelmed with your closet?  We make house calls!  If you have already cleaned out your closet and can't make it in to drop off, we will be happy to come to you.  We do reserve this service for existing consignors and/or larger pick ups so please email us to let us know what you have.

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