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pay Foxtail?

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At Foxies Fashions, we have an awesome collection of high-end authentic fashion brands,  80s gear, 90s hip-hop fashion, concert tees, OG brands, Streetwear, and luxury accessories.   

Juicy Couture is a glamorous, irreverent, and fun lifestyle brand for the decidedly fashionable, bringing LA style and attitude to girls all over the world.  It was founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997.  The 90s are some of the coolest fashion times for me.  Juicy is definitely one of my favs.  I have so many cute Juicy outfits, jewelry, and of course the handbags.  All of them for sale soon to be posted.  









 Foxies Badass Finds is one of Austin's coolest Resale Boutique's.    As a child of the 80s & 90s, I have always loved the music and fashion of the best decades.  I started collecting 80s 90s and Y2K fashion in 2012 and by 2017 I had 3 warehouses full of rare hard to find fashion.  I  opened my first resale boutique just south of Austin in the little town of Kyle, TX.  Now I am moving everything to my online boutique & looking for Mobile Fashion Truck. I will be adding inventory daily.  It is a long process to move everything online.  Thanks for all your patients and support.


   I am always looking for new finds.  I sell only authentic name brands.  I only purchase and sell like-new items.  The best condition on all my inventory.   Every item has been purchased by me.  Soon I hope to add consignment and I will always buy certain items from my guests.  I put tons of time into searching,  so all my guests can rock the coolest digs. 

Our inventory features 90's & Y2K top fashion with names like Coogi, Adidas, Von Dutch, Fubu, Ecko, Michael Kors, Manolo Blahnik, Sassoon,

 BeBe, BCBG, Coach, Ed Hardy, Juicy, Gucci, LV, Dada, Ed Hardy, Guess, Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, Pony, Nike, Dr. Martens, Fila, Kangaroos, Rocawear, Prada, Versace, FUBU, Echo Unlimited, Polo, Stussy, Supreme, Kangol, Air Jordans, Avirex and the coolest T-shirt collection that is growing daily.





We offer an eclectic selection of both new and antique Home Decor, Furniture, Jewelry & Collectibles. Whether you’re into following the latest trends or want to find 50's decor, we’ve got what you’re looking for — and at great prices. Check out our collectibles and antiques.


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